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Space Cannon Labs was founded by Navy veteran & cannabis enthusiast, Adam Amrod. Driven by the desire to experience concentrates at music festivals, Adam sketched out the design for the Space Cannon in 2016.  He was inspired by his own success in overcoming PTSD with plant medicine and now, five years later, it’s ready to launch.

The Space Cannon’s sleek configuration and pocket-portable size, provides the flexibility to enjoy concentrates wherever you desire. This powerful device is spill-proof, reaches temperature in 15 seconds and delivers the experience connoisseurs demand.

Our vision goes beyond bringing you a revolutionary device.  We lose 22 veterans per day to suicide & it’s our mission to bring awareness to the holistic benefits cannabis provides those struggling with PTSD.  Space Cannon Labs also commits a portion of all proceeds to deserving organizations who support our troops after service.

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