Our Story

Founded by Adam Amrod, a Navy veteran whose passion for concentrates is fueled by his own personal triumph over suicidal depression.

Cannabis, combined with a healthy eating, exercise, and a mindfulness practice became essential tools in overcoming Adam’s battles with life-long depression.

Concentrates became his secret weapon in sustaining habits he previously would give up after a few months.

“Healthy living became fun, not tasks I had to force myself to do”
- Adam Amrod

Beyond the Space Cannon project Adam aspires to connect fellow veterans with holistic alternatives to prescription medication, whose dangerous side-effects can often lead to suicide. 

“A lot of us have successfully used cannabis to overcome prescription pill, alcohol, and drug addictions” - Adam Amrod

Through advocacy and sharing his personal journey, Adam Amrod aims to empower others to explore the transformative potential of plant medicine, embrace physical activity, and adopt mindfulness practices. 

Our Mission

As of 2021, post-9/11 wars resulted in the loss of 7,057 our service members. In contrast, a staggering 30,177 veterans lost their lives to suicide during the same 20 year span. Our mission is focused on suicide prevention, with a strong commitment to empowering veterans to conquer mental health challenges.As part of our commitment, a portion of our proceeds is directed towards the Balanced Veterans Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to suicide prevention within the veteran community.“Balanced Veteran Network's mission resonates deeply with us, because they promote exercise, community, and other holistic approaches often ignored by traditional treatments, but were essential in overcoming my suicidal depression.
- Adam Amrod    (Founder)

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Our Innovation

Inspired by the music festival community, and driven by the desire to connect with others, the idea for the Space Cannon was conceived. "I struggle with social anxiety and offering people a rip from a dab pen was a great way to connect with people at festivals. Dab pens at the time weren’t the greatest & I wanted to hand people a device that delivered a proper dab"We specialize in developing on-the-go solutions for concentrate enthusiasts.  The Space Cannon seamlessly blends portability, durability, and elegance with intuitive functionality.  Engineered to be easy-to-operate, pocket-portable, and spill-proof. Seven years of research & development has gone into perfecting the Space Cannon.  Embark with us on an unparalleled experience, specifically designed for the concentrate connoisseur who’s always on the move.