Space Cannon

Be the life of the party

Wherever life takes you – be it a club, music festival, or backyard BBQ – the Space Cannon guarantees to bring the party to life.
Pull the Space Cannon out your pocket & elevate the experience of everyone around you.  Sit back & watch as it livens up the atmosphere, creating new connections & unforgettable moments.
    1. Spill-Proof, Pocket-Portable: Glass is engineered to be spill-proof, ensuring mess-free transport in your pocket.
    2. Quick Heat-Up, Discrete: Experience swift heating in just 5 seconds, perfect for discreet usage whenever you're on the move.
    3. Smell Dissipates Quickly: Enjoy peace of mind as the scent disperses rapidly, leaving behind no lingering traces. 

    Age over 21?

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