Space Cannon

Top 5 Benefits of owning the Space Cannon!

Introducing the Space Cannon: Your Premier On-the-Go Cannabis Companion. Celebrated for its unmatched convenience, the Space Cannon is the ultimate choice for effortless cannabis consumption.

Explore the Top 5 reasons why it's the go-to for on-the-go enthusiasts.

1.  Be the Life of the Party:

Wherever life takes you – be it a club, music festival, or backyard BBQ – the Space Cannon guarantees to bring the party to life.  Pull it out of your pocket & elevate any social gathering by passing around the Space Cannon.  Sit back & watch as it livens up the atmosphere, creating new connections & unforgettable moments.

2.  Superior Portability, Affordability, and Battery Life Compared to E-Rigs

Prioritizing portability and spill-proof functionality, the Space Cannon is your ultimate travel companion. The standard spill-proof glass ensures your pocket remains dry when on the move. Out of the box, the Space Cannon is priced at half the cost of industry-leading e-rigs; if you choose to purchase a spill-proof glass attachment for an e-rig, you can expect to pay 3x the cost of the Space Cannon.

3.  Significant long-term savings vs tradition vape cartridges

According to sales data gathered from legal market states, loading your own concentrates provides significant cost savings compared to traditional 510 vape cartridges. Additionally, vape cartridges often contain added fake terpenes for flavor, and do not offer a full spectrum experience, making it impossible to deliver the experience the Space Cannon provides.

4.  High Potency Psychoactive Concentrates can be legally shipped to 50 states! 

THC-A concentrates, sourced from organically grown hemp, contain less than .03% delta-9 THC. However, when heated, THC-A is converted into psychoactive delta-9 THC.  THC-A concentrates offer potency levels equivalent to, if not higher when compared to traditional delta-9 THC extracts.  THC-A is also often cheaper compared to the price of concentrates from a dispensary and can be shipped to 50 states.

5.  Smell doesn’t travel and dissipates in seconds with the Space Cannon.

Joints, blunts, bowls, and bongs emit a noticeable smell that travels. Say goodbye to concerns about the telltale scent of cannabis lingering on your clothes, hands, or breath. With the Space Cannon, discreetly enjoy your favorite cannabis products without attracting unwanted attention from anyone around you. 

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