Space Cannon

Get Legal & Potent Psychoactive Concentrates Delivered in all 50 states

High Potency Psychoactive Concentrates
for the Space Cannon can be legally shipped to 50 states!

THC-A concentrates, sourced from organically grown hemp, contain less than .03% delta-9 THC. However, when heated, THC-A is converted into psychoactive delta-9 THC.  THC-A concentrates offer potency levels equivalent to, if not higher when compared to traditional delta-9 THC extracts.  THC-A is also often cheaper compared to the price of concentrates from a dispensary and can be legally shipped to 50 states.

  1. Cost Savings: Dispensaries face significant regulatory taxes, driving up the prices of their products. THC-A, falling under the Farm Bill, avoids those taxes, allowing brands to offer their products at a lower cost, passing the savings directly on to you.

  2. Comparable Potency: THC-A concentrates boast potency levels comparable to, if not higher than, traditional delta-9 THC extracts, ensuring a potent and satisfying experience for users.

  3. Legal Shipping to All 50 States: Thanks to its classification under the Farm Bill, THC-A can be legally shipped to all 50 states, providing accessibility and convenience to users nationwide.

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