Space Cannon

Significant long-term savings vs tradition vape cartridges

Significant long-term savings vs tradition vape cartridges
According to sales data gathered from legal market states, loading your own concentrates provides significant cost savings compared to traditional 510 vape cartridges. Additionally, vape cartridges often contain added fake terpenes for flavor, and do not offer a full spectrum experience, making it impossible to deliver the experience the Space Cannon provides.

  1. Superior Experience: Vape pens often contain low-quality distillate with artificial terpenes, while the Space Cannon gives you the freedom to load your own high-quality concentrates every time. Providing an unparalleled dabbing experience.

  2. Significant Long-Term Savings: By loading your own full-spectrum concentrates into the Space Cannon, you'll enjoy substantial long-term savings. Expect to save over $1500 annually, If you consume a single gram vape cartridge each week.

  3. Stand Out: Don't settle for blending in at gatherings with a typical vape pen. Elevate the experience for everyone around you by whipping out the Space Cannon and quickly becoming the highlight of the event.

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