Space Cannon

Space Cannon is Virtually Oder-Less

Smell doesn’t travel and dissipates in seconds with the Space Cannon.

Joints, blunts, bowls, and bongs emit a noticeable smell that travels. Say goodbye to concerns about the telltale scent of cannabis lingering on your clothes, hands, or breath. With the Space Cannon, discreetly enjoy your favorite cannabis products without attracting unwanted attention from anyone around you. 

  1. Concentrates vs Flower Smell: While the smell of flower can quickly fill up a room, concentrates offer a more discreet experience. With concentrates, the scent can only be detected by putting them directly under your nose.

  2. Space Cannon Vapor Dissipates in Seconds: Unlike flower, the vapor produced by the Space Cannon dissipates within seconds, ensuring a discreet and odor-free experience.

  3. Vape Smell Doesn't Linger: Say goodbye to lingering cannabis odors on your clothes, your breath, & your hands after using the Space Cannon.  Discreetly enjoy your favorite dabs on your "safety break" without your boss becoming the wiser. 

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